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We tailor your resume's keywords to each job listing you apply to and position those keywords for maximum first glance visual attention. Applying to multiple jobs? You'll get multiple versions of your resume.

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Applying for jobs but not hearing back?

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS to manage high volumes of job applications. These systems scan the text of resumes to identify keywords that best match the job description. Without the right keywords, your resume won't make it through the screener, even though you may be qualified for the position. We are your job search partner that takes care of fully optimizing your resume to match the exact jobs you’re applying to.

Applying to more than one job requires more than one resume

Other resume services say the resume they give you is ATS optimized, but for a resume to be truly ATS optimized it must be tailored to each job you’re applying to. Unless you're only applying to one job, you can’t do this with just one resume, which is what you’ll get from other resume services. That's why with all of our resume optimization packages you'll receive multiple tailored resumes ready to submit to the job listings you designate. 


2 Areas of Optimization

Applicant Tracking Systems

(for the resume screening software robots)

We take care of fully optimizing your resume to match the exact jobs you’re applying to. We analyze the entire job listing and scan for the important keywords. We then compare this analysis with your resume and make modifications accordingly. OPTIMIZE MY RESUME >


(for the human looking at your resume)

Once past the resume robots a recruiter will likely spend just seconds, skimming your resume before making their fit/no-fit decision. Therefore, prioritizing your experience and qualifications in the right graphical layout is critical. That's why our service includes eye-tracking analysis of your resume to see how each design element and layout catches the eye differently. We use this analysis to position your ATS keywords in visual hotspots that will quickly get a recruiter/hiring managers attention.


Actual resume eye-tracking data.


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