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Learn how to optimize your resume for the modern application process, including applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and the visual scan path of recruiters. Learn the exact steps to take and tools to use that will get your resume noticed. Includes a free eye-tracking analysis on your resume.

EXCLUSIVE COURSE BONUS: Free custom eye-tracking analysis on your resume.



Why keywords are your key to success

Using our free keyword tool, I'll show you how to quickly identify the keywords your resume needs to match the job listing and get past the screener.


How to get recruiters to notice your resume

You have just seconds to get your resume noticed. That's why I'm providing a free eye-tracking analysis on your actual resume. You'll know how a recruiter will view your resume, before they even see it.


Job listings that match your resume.

In day 3, we'll bring everything together for the whole reason you're here; to get an interview and land a great job. We'll show you job openings matching your resume's keywords.

2 Areas of Optimization


(for the resume screening software robots)

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS to manage high volumes of job applications. These systems scan the text of resumes to identify keywords that best match the job description. Without the right keywords, your resume won't make it through the screener, even though you may be qualified for the position. Using free tools I'll teach you how to optimize your resume's keywords for the screening software to get you noticed.



(for the human recruiter looking at your resume)

Recruiters spend seconds, not minutes, skimming a resume before making their fit/no-fit decision. Therefore, prioritizing your experience and qualifications in the right graphical layout is critical. Using eye-tracking technology performed by Digital Insight Group on various resumes I'll show you how design elements and layouts impact where the eye is drawn. I'll show you how to use this analysis to position your ATS keywords in visual hotspots that quickly get a recruiters attention.


Actual resume eye-tracking data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whay does the form ask me to upload my resume?

The course includes a free one-time custom eye-tracking analysis performed on your actual resume. This will show you where the eye is drawn when viewing the layout of your resume. This insight can be used to make modifications, ensuring your most important qualifications get noticed by a recruiter in the short seconds they spending viewing a resume.

How does the eye-tracking analysis work?

We use a eye-tracking algorithm that scans your resume document identifying it's visual properties including shapes, colors, shading, white space, bold text, and more. This algorithm references a vast data base of live eye tracking studies to predict how your resume will be viewed. This algorithm is regularly tested against live eye-tracking studies to ensure it's accuracy. It consistenly achieves accuracy of over 90% when compared with live eye-tracking studies.

How will you use my resume?

We'll use your resume to provide your free custom eye-tracking report. We'll use your resume to show you how to optimize your keywords. We'll also show you jobs that match your optimized resume.

Is the course really free?

You bet! The course is completely free.

I have another question not answered here

Shoot us an email here on our contact form HERE.

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