We are a market research & consumer insights agency specializing in eye tracking studies, focus groups, & analysis of consumer behavioral trends.  We help you create and identify your best marketing campaigns.  

 DIG specializes in providing consumer insights that help you gain a better understanding of your marketplace and consumer behavior. Our suite of tools help you design and develop products that will create an impact for consumers. Most importantly we can deliver these insights BEFORE your campaign goes to market, saving you time, money and resources.

focus groups

We design focus groups that yield 

actionable insights for general market, B2B, & B2C.

survey design & collection

Gain insight into your users thinking. Understand what drives their behavior and decision making.

onsite insights

Onsite usability and efficiency research to create better customer experiences.


Some Of the INDUSTRIES we work with...

DIRECT MAIL campaigns

When there's only seconds to make an impression our tools help you design with impact.

retail visual communications

Ensure your consumer 

packaged goods and retail POS materials are getting attention and driving results.

Hospitality industry

Your restaurant's menu is on the job everyday, interacting with virtually every guest. How is it performing? 


In a visually cluttered environment, how do you  stand out? Our tools help guide objective driven design.


expert analysis

& Results

You need to succeed. 

We work with you to analyze your results, make suggestions and help you connect with impact. 

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