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Searching for the best resume template? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re applying to jobs you’re qualified for, but rarely, if ever hearing back, this article will show you how to double your interviews and put you on your way to landing your next job with our premium free template. This template is designed with our new approach to resume design that includes eye-tracking technology (more on that below). Regardless of your industry, this template will boost your job search efforts. 


With the sudden and dramatic change in the employment landscape due to the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of people are looking for jobs. This article is designed to give you an edge in your job search by making your resume rise to the top. We're providing you with our premium ATS and eye-tracking optimized resume template for free.


In This Article

  • 2 Reasons Our Resume Templates Can Double Your Interviews: 

  • Tested with an Actual Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

  • Tested with Eye-Tracking Technology.


  • Why Reasons Other Resume Templates Are Costing You Jobs:

  • Skills Sections with No Dates Associated with Them

  • Graphics and Layouts That an ATS Can’t Interpret


  • What’s Included with Our Resume Template Package?



2 Reasons Our Resume Templates Can Double Your Interviews.


1. Tested with Actual Applicant Tracking Systems. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System? It’s software that over 90% of hiring companies use to screen and filter resumes they receive. This is where your resume goes when you apply to virtually any job online. This software looks for keywords to see how well your resume matches the description of the job you’re applying to. The reason for this is that companies receive too many resumes for a person or even a team to reasonably read. Therefore, this software is designed to filter out resumes that don’t closely match the job description. However, as you can imagine Applicant Tracking Systems aren’t perfect and can often let qualified candidates fall through the cracks. That’s why our resume templates have been run through an actual Applicant Tracking System used by major companies to see how they fare with the software. For example, where dates are positioned can determine if an ATS properly interprets your number of years of experience. Certain types of graphics can confuse an ATS and leave it unable to sort and show your experience and skills. We test our templates with Applicant Tracking Systems and go through several stages of modifications to make sure our resume templates will give you the absolute best representation possible. 

2. Built and Tested with Eye-Tracking Technology

Once your resume makes it past the Applicant Tracking System there's another potential challenge. The average recruiter or hiring manager will spend just 7.5 seconds viewing each resume. 7.5 seconds will not be enough time to read your entire resume. That means we need to make sure your most important qualifications and skills are noticed in those short 7.5 seconds.


That’s why all of our templates are tested with eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking technology is actually a simple concept. It means we use technology that tracks where people are looking when they view the resume template. This allows us to test the template and make modifications and enhancements until we find the design that gets the most visual attention to the things we want. In other words, our templates will get a recruiter or hiring manager to notice specific parts of your resume. 


If what they see at first glance is compelling they’re likely to read more. Otherwise, the resume is likely to go in the pass stack. With this resume template, your most important qualifications are sure to be seen. Simply follow the easy instructions included in your free download to maximize your resume's impact.

Sample of the eye-tracking insights included with your free resume template download.

Other Resume Templates Are Costing You Jobs

What makes a resume template effective? It’s easy to judge a resume template strictly by its aesthetic look and feel, but if we want to measurably increase the number of interviews you receive we need to go a little deeper. Here are 2 reasons other resume templates are costing you job interviews:


1. “Summary” or “Skills” sections with no dates associated with them.

Every Applicant Tracking System is designed to grade resumes so the hiring manager can decide which resumes to actually look at and which ones to skip. A big way the ATS does this is by attempting to understand your level of experience. Simply put, an ATS needs dates and accomplishments associated with any skill to grade it. Without a date or measurable accomplishment, the ATS will likely not credit the skill to you even though you included it in your resume. To get full credit for your skills from an Applicant Tracking System you need to have a date or measurable result associated with the skill. The named skill and the corresponding date or measurable result need to be in the same section. Here’s a comparison of the correct way, as seen in our resume template and the wrong way:

2. Graphics and Layouts That an ATS Can’t Interpret (and Therefore Discards)

If you’ve been searching for a resume template you’ve probably seen resume templates with a variety of design elements all over them. Here’s a Google search for “modern resume templates”. While some of these templates might look nice, the reality is that they will not represent you well with an ATS. Much of your resume content will at least get jumbled or worse, omitted.

Bad examples as seen in a Google search for "modern resume templates".

All of the extra graphics seen in these examples may have an aesthetically pleasing effect, but they also have a send your resume to the pass pile effect with an ATS. That's because many Applicant Tracking Systems aren't able to interpret these graphics the way you and I can. When it comes to file format, look to the online application you are submitting your resume to for guidance. They will usually indicate their preferred file format. If there is no guidance as to file format we recommend uploading in Word Doc. 


Should you use a resume template? Absolutely. However, using the wrong resume template can cost you. Take advantage of our free premium resume template and apply to jobs with confidence, knowing your resume is giving you the best possible representation. 

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This free resume template package includes several premium features. Instant download in Microsoft Word, Apple/Mac Pages, and Google Docs.

  • 1-page version (US letter & A4)

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  • Matching cover letter template (US letter & A4)

  • Matching references letter template (US letter & A4)

  • ATS optimization checklist

  • Preparing for a video interview checklist

  • Eye-tracking insight on your template

  • Instructions and tips to get the most from your template

  • Microsoft Word, Apple/Mac Pages and Google Docs

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