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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Upload a copy of your resume or fill out our questionnaire that will help us build your resume. Next, our form will ask you to copy and paste links to the job listings you are interested in applying to. Then you just sit back and let us get to work on your resumes.

How does the eye-tracking analysis work?

We use a eye-tracking algorithm that scans your resume document identifying it's visual properties including shapes, colors, shading, white space, bold text, and more. This algorithm references a vast data base of live eye tracking studies to predict how your resume will be viewed. This algorithm is regularly tested against live eye-tracking studies to ensure it's accuracy. It consistenly achieves accuracy of over 90% when compared with live eye-tracking studies.

How will you use my resume?

We'll use your resume to provide new optimized versions that you can submit to the exact jobs you indicate you are interested in. We'll also show you jobs that match your optimized resume.

What if I dont' have a resume yet?

It's ok if you don't have a complete version of your resume yet. Simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll build one that will serve as your baseline. We'll use this resume to create customized versions for each job you’re applying to.​

I have another question not answered here

Shoot us an email here on our contact form HERE.

How does the keyword optimization work?

We will review the information you provide to us in your resume or the questionnaire and then compare it to the job listings you provide to us. We will comb through you entire resume and the job listings to look for ways to optimize the wording you use to describe you skills, qualifications, and experience and match them to the way the job listings describe them.

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