Increase your restaurant's profits


Know if guests are overlooking profitable offerings

Test your menu with eye-tracking technology

Use descriptions more effectively

Position prices correctly

 Taught by Wesley Brach EVP of Consumer insights at Digital Insight Group. 

Learn the tools and techniques used by restaurants servicing over 7,500 locations 

How it works

With the average diner spending as little as 90 seconds viewing a menu, they won't notice your every offering. We'll show you exactly where guests are looking, where they're not, and how to make menu layout adjustments that will increase profits.

How to get started

You wouldn't let an untrained member of you wait staff serve your guests, yet that's exactly what. many menus are.

Increase sales of key offerings by ensuring they get maximum visibility. How do you decide where to place offerings on your menu? Which column, how many spots from the top should it be? Is there a sweet spot? Every menu design yields different results because the human eye responds differently to every color, shape, and picture. Instead of leaving the design decisions up to a gut feeling, test it with EyeValuate and decide with data.

How to get started

How does the analysis work?

EyeValuate is menu optimization software that analyzes the visual makup of your menu and identifies it's entire visual makup including colors, shapes, faces, edges, and more. The visual makup of the menu is then compared to an eye tracking databased with decades of data to identify which visual elements of the your menu will attract the most first glance attention.

How accurate are the results?

Results are 90% or more accurate when compared to live eye tracking studies. Our results are reguarly compared with live eye tracking studies to ensure accuracy.

How long does it take to get results?

Your results will be delivered to your inbox in a PDF report within 24 hours.

What's included in the report?

Each EyeValaute report includes a PDF with a heatmap, areas of interest, and a gazeplot. See the examples on the page above for what each of these componets of the report look like.

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